Terms and Conditions



  • One artwork per artist.
  • Wall mounted / 2D artworks must not exceed 125 cm width.
  • Free-standing / 3D artworks must not exceed a floor space of 1.5 meters square.
  • Moving image / time-based works must not exceed a duration of 10 minutes.
  • Open theme and medium but we ask that artists please be aware of Falmouth Art Gallery’s family friendly audience as this will be taken into consideration during selection.   
  • Artwork must have been completed in the last 24 months.  
  • Value of artwork should not exceed £10,000
  • Only original artworks are eligible (no reproductions).
  • Free to enter and open to all emerging and established artists.  



  • Under 18s MUST enter contact details of an adult such as their parent or legal guardian. We cannot store information of children.
  • Submission must include a completed submission form and digital image.
  • We accept .png, .gif, .jpg .wav, .mp3, .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .wmv file formats.
  • File size must not exceed 1 megabyte.
  • File name must contain artist and title . 
  • If the work is 2D (works on paper, canvas, etc), we do not need to see the frame in the image.
  • If the work is 3D, you can submit up to 6 views collaged as a single image.
  • For larger audio/video files exceeding 1MB, you must submit the form including an image to generate your entry. You must then contact us directly to arrange a larger file submission.
  • Failure to include a digital file means that an artwork cannot be judged and therefore, will not be selected for the show.
  • An optional audio description can be included. This must provide explanation of the artwork by the artist, and be no more than 1 minute long.  
  • Inclusion of audio description grants Falmouth Art Gallery permission to use and edit it for the exhibition’s digital guide on the Bloomberg Connects app. 
  • By completing a submission form, the artist grants that their work can be used for the promotion of the Imagine Falmouth 2022 exhibition across all media platforms.
  • Closing date for entries is 5pm on Wednesday 5th October 2022



  • The judges’ decision is final.  
  • Successful artists will be notified by Saturday 5th November. 
  • Works to be delivered for the exhibition on set hand-in days Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November. 
  • If artworks are selected for the exhibition, their respective submission form stands as a loan agreement between the gallery and lender.



  • Insurance Falmouth Art Gallery will insure the object, while it is on loan, against ‘all risk’ for the valuation agreed by both parties. 
  • Insurance will commence once Falmouth Art Gallery or its agent is ‘in possession’ of the object, but not while it is being handled or transported by the Lender or Lender’s agent. 
  • Falmouth Art Gallery does not accept liability for any uninsured damage or loss, nor does it accept liability for the deterioration or replacement of perishable objects. 
  • The insurance value of the object is provided by the Lender and agreed by Falmouth Art Gallery before the loan is collected. If it appears to Falmouth Art Gallery that the Lender’s suggested value is unreasonably high, Falmouth Art Gallery may request a second opinion by an independent valuer agreed by both parties whose valuation shall be binding. 
  • Should it be considered desirable for the value to be revised during the period of loan, it will be the responsibility of the Lender to commence negotiations to effect this. 
  • The insurance value of the object as agreed by both parties is without prejudice to any other valuation of the object that has or may be agreed for any other purpose.



  • All artworks must be labelled with artists name, the artwork title, and a contact number. Labels should be securely attached, but not visible when on display (e.g. adhered/written on to back, or paper labels with string attached).
  • 2-D artworks must be framed and mirror plated half-way up.
  • If you are submitting a work to be wall mounted that cannot be framed, please email intern2@falmouthartgallery.com
  • 3-D artworks must come with detailed written installation instructions and materials. 
  • As the gallery has limited space, any large scale submissions must collect large or heavy packing material before the show opens.
  • All works must be displayed for the duration of the show.
  • Digital artworks must be supplied on a USB memory stick. 
  • Please note Falmouth Art Gallery does not cover any costs associated with transport.



  • Works listed for sale must be rounded to the nearest pound.
  • Caption price must include 35% gallery commission.
  • Information provided on the submission form will be used in all relevant pricing and caption details.
  • If an artwork sells during the exhibition, artists will be notified by email and the piece will be marked with a red dot next to it.
  • All payments will be made once the show has finished.
  • Sold artworks must remain on the wall until the show has finished.
  • Works can be collected on the set hand-back dates Friday 3rd or Saturday 4th February.
  • Due to lack of storage, Falmouth Art Gallery cannot store artworks for longer than 60 days after the exhibition end date. Failure to collect within the timeframe grants Falmouth Art Gallery the ability to sell or otherwise dispose of such works with discretion.
  • Prize winners will be announced at the show’s opening event on Saturday 26th November. The Public Choice winner will be announced after the exhibition has closed.